About Us


At Riseicon we are inspired by diverse urban lifestyles and an active living through travel and adventure.

We are a unique lifestyle Brand, based in London UK, focused on innovative multi-functional premium apparel and accessories, designed for the adventuring, urban and style focused person.

Our story began in 2015 where we became increasingly frustrated by two things an urban lifestyle which has, for many of us, become repetitive and disjointed and inefficient products.

Products that only appear to be high quality but are not, and most designed without any sense of balance between premium style and quality vs functionality.

So we began our journey t research, develop and source the best premium products to enhance daily life and to support the journey of discovery for a better lifestyle.

We hope to build a community of lifestyle hackers, sharing knowledge and experiences to maximize life without regrets through travel, in the pursuit of new experiences and amazing people.


Riseicon has its roots in two amazing cities, London and Hong Kong.

  • Our designers create beautiful, intuitive products that meet modern accessory and apparel needs. Without compromise creating a unique Fusion design.
  • Focusing on bridging the gap between premium products and services at affordable prices.
  • Quality Materials. Every product uses carefully selected, high quality materials
  • Creating extraordinary products for enhancing an active adventurous modern lifestyle. Affordably priced. Style and quality should not be out of reach
  • Developing premium functional technology, accessories and fashion, appropriate for everyday use in the city as well as more thrilling explorations. Designed for multi-use to take the user from work to training to adventuring.
  • Community focused, growing a global community through our platform, events and social engagement, for people interested in a holistic fulfilling lifestyle, health, fitness, travelling, recreation and premium products.

Our Mission

Lifestyle: Promote a holistic lifestyle for the urban individual. Encourage people to explore and experience motivating adventures, to live a life enriched. For the modern urban man who loves the finer things in life, and aspires to live life to the fullest.

Product: Design and develop amazing lifestyle products using only the most premium materials. create innovative products, that become style classics.
Premium essential accessories that are affordable without compromise.

RISEICON | Life Without Compromise
Rise high, maximize life, be an icon for others